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Wilson & Stonaker, L.L.C., a Texas limited liability company, is a full service commercial investment real estate firm. We specialize in acquisition and disposition of income properties, mainly in the North Texas area, with a special emphasis on the Western half of the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex and the surrounding areas..Wilson & Stonaker, L.L.C. (“W&S”) is a full service commercial investment real estate firm. While W&S does some tenant and owner representation work, the majority of its focus is on the acquisition, development, and syndication of value-added real estate transactions. This work is both for its own account and the accounts of its investors and third party brokerage engagements.
Detailed property information is now being added to our site. Please check back to see packages as they are added to the Properties section. Thank you.
WILSON & STONAKER, L.L.C. is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to practice real estate brokerage under Texas License No. 0459097.

Quarterly Reports

2nd Quarter 2015 Report
ISIS is gaining credibility among the worldwide terrorist organizations. In one day the Islamist terrorists attacked three continents (Tunisia, Kuwait and France) and killed scores of innocent people in a call for more violence to make Ramadan a time of “calamity for the infidels.”

1st Quarter 2015 Report
Let’s see if I understand this situation correctly. Iran has in the past and continues to publicly state “Death to Israel” and to the “Great Satan”. Iran has cheated on its nuclear mandates of the United Nations in the past and we are supposed to believe that they will obey the demands of a new set of restrictions. Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. President Obama says one thing and the leadership of Iraq has a completely different public statement. And this deal with Iran is supposed to be good.

4th Quarter 2014 Report
I have been publishing these reports for about fifteen years now and no time during this period have I felt the way I do right now about the world situation. The United States has relinquished its role as the only world superpower for a “lead from behind” strategy. It is exactly what our president said he wanted to do and he has kept that promise.

3rd Quarter 2014 Report
ISIS, IS, al Qaeda, Ebola, elections – I am going to dig a hole and get in it. See you guys next year!

2nd Quarter 2014 Report
Our President has forgotten lessons learned over and over. Peace through strength is not in his vocabulary. What a mess in the Middle East. Is it international or national news when the federal government does not enforce our borders? Illegals are flooding across the Rio Grande River. Something has to be done about this.

1st Quarter 2014 Report
Between North Korea, Syria, Iran and Russia, there just seems to be no sanity in the world anymore. The Russian incursion into Ukraine is serious but Europe and our president are just ignoring the fact that Putin is on a roll. Putin is a thug and is completely ignoring the US. But he is playing his cards out in the open. Why not? Who is going to stop him? Where is Ronald Regan when we need him?

4th Quarter 2013 Report
North Korea continues to do what it does best – prove to the world that the leadership is nuts. So when your uncle does something you don’t like, just kill him. That is what happened earlier this month.

2nd Quarter 2013 Report
Oh heck. The USA is in a mess internationally. I am sorry but that all comes straight from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s see, the situation in Syria continues to worsen while the President studies it. Egypt is in a mess with a coup by the military to take an elected government, even though they are on the US terrorist list, out of power. Our Constitution says we must suspend aid to Egypt and the President is studying the situation. I give up!

1st Quarter 2013 Report
Now North Korea is threatening everyone. They even have a map showing missiles targeted on Austin, Texas. Bush 43 would say, “Bring it on, little man.” Syria continues the killing. I still wonder why we spend so much time in that part of the world.

4th Quarter 2012 Report
Nothing has changed in the Middle East. Except maybe that there are more countries in turmoil. Syria is still on everyone’s radar and its citizens continue to die daily.


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