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Wilson & Stonaker, L.L.C., a Texas limited liability company, is a full service commercial investment real estate firm. We specialize in acquisition and disposition of income properties, mainly in the North Texas area, with a special emphasis on the Western half of the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex and the surrounding areas..Wilson & Stonaker, L.L.C. (“W&S”) is a full service commercial investment real estate firm. While W&S does some tenant and owner representation work, the majority of its focus is on the acquisition, development, and syndication of value-added real estate transactions. This work is both for its own account and the accounts of its investors and third party brokerage engagements.
Detailed property information is now being added to our site. Please check back to see packages as they are added to the Properties section. Thank you.
WILSON & STONAKER, L.L.C. is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to practice real estate brokerage under Texas License No. 0459097.

Quarterly Reports

1st Quarter 2017 Report
Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, has plainly stated that there are no options off of the table when dealing with North Korea, which continues to work on nuclear arms and test ballistic missiles capable of easily hitting Japan but claims that it can reach the USA mainland. China seems to be happy to have the US come to it to help with its rogue client state. Terror attacks now seem to be the norm. The last one was in London the third week of March.

4th Quarter 2016 Report
Despite the fact that the Obama administration decided to give Iran $1.7 billion in cash, including $400 million in foreign currency for the release of hostages, the rogue nation continues to be the worldwide sponsor of terrorism.

3rd Quarter 2016 Report
Russia has “strongly warned” the US not to attack the Syrian army, noting that its air defense weapons in Syria “stand ready to fend off any attack” by US warplanes. Does Obama think that Russia is a JV team also?

2nd Quarter 2016 Report
ISIS continues to dominate the international news. Terrorist attacks all over the world, including the US, makes the radical Islamic group something that has to be dealt with and soon.

1st Quarter 2016 Report
ISIS and terror continue to dominate the international news. It seems like there is no room for good news anymore. When does the international community quit focusing on protecting airports and subways and start putting its strength on killing the bad guys? We must remember, these group of terrorists want a fight; it is a part of their caliphate.

4th Quarter 2015 Report
ISIS, or whatever you want to call it, continues to dominate the international news. But evidently global warming is more important to our President. In my opinion the economic slowdowns of Europe and China are a bigger threat to our country than global warming.

3rd Quarter 2015 Report
The international situation is looking even worse than last quarter. ISIS is getting more recruits, some even from our own country. There is a stream of refugees from Syria going into Europe. Our government has said it will take refugees from the war-torn Middle East but no number has been stated. Safety is a big concern.

2nd Quarter 2015 Report
ISIS is gaining credibility among the worldwide terrorist organizations. In one day the Islamist terrorists attacked three continents (Tunisia, Kuwait and France) and killed scores of innocent people in a call for more violence to make Ramadan a time of “calamity for the infidels.”

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